Life assurance, Critical illness insurance, permanent health insurance and property insurance - Whatever you have in life, it makes sense to protect it. Whether it's you, your family or your possessions, making sure everything is covered provides much-needed peace of mind. At Centric we have insurance solutions for most things and have access to a huge number of insurers to make sure you get the very best insurance for you at the best price.

Life insurance is an essential part of our monetary concerns today. Covering yourself and your loved ones should be a priority and something we should all budget for. We will take the stress out of this and taylor a policy for you.

Likewise a Critical Illness and Permanent Health policy are now extremely common as people become more aware of the implications that a long period away from work can have.

These policies all have one thing in common, protecting the people we love. Whatever may happen, make sure there is no burden placed on others when the unforeseen happens. Talk to us about serious, valuable policies to protect all around us. Ask us for a personal illustration.